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A different kind of Japanese blade, just as sharp, just as proficient, and even maybe beautiful.


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A big element of the Japanese culture is their skill and love for gardening and creating beautiful, tranquil, and thoughtful outdoor spaces. Only figures then, that they would make some fine gardening blades, as well the many other blades they create. Our property has a lot of wild native high desert mountain growth that we have shaped into a garden. I am constantly lopping this and pruning that. A good clean cutting pruning saw is an essential tool. I also use power driven saws, clippers, and whackers, but continue to use a hand saw for fine work. I have seen these saws hanging on the wall of the Stihl shop where I take my chain saws and such for service. Almost $200 for a fine pruning saw is a bit much for even a blade enthusiast, so I have left them hanging their for quite a while,  but today I bit the bullet. The saw's logo is Silky, and now that I have used it, I can attest to that fact. 






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1 hour ago, John Setzler said:


Do you have foxtail ferns growing natively in your area?


No, looks like we just miss them, we are in Zone 8 and the info on line says Fox Tail ferns grow in Zones 9-11. 


We have a number of interesting plants but all them are plants that grow in arid climates. 


Here's a few

desert willow This tree grow natively and has orchid like blooms in spring and summer.


Gopher plant This plant is great, nobody eats it ad it has beautiful yellow flowers in the spring


Claret cup cactus This cactus gets beautiful Burgundy colored flowers in the spring


Apache Plume starts off with white flowers and then develops pinkish plumes


Strawberry cactus




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