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Almost screwed up a brisket cook

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I trimmed up an 11 lb brisket and it goes into the kamado around midnight and based on the last two sessions I expected it will reach stall/wrapping temp around 8ish.  Alarm wake me up about 6:50 to help get my daughter ready for school.  Took a look on the Fireboard dashboard and saw the prob temp at 189.  Immediately freaked out.  Got butcher paper ready, wrapped and put it back into the smoker in 10 minutes.


Got my daughter on her way and took a look at the phone again and it says 135F?  WTH? I took the Thermapen out and tested a few spots and the temp is indeed at the mid 130s.  Unwrapped, put it back to continue cooking.


I checked the historical chart and at no point in time after I put the brisket in initially, the probe temp has exceeded the current high.


To summarize and lessons learned:


- Don't trust your eyes when you are sleepy and not wearing glasses.

- Double check temp with thermometer before next step in the process

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