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Alternative heat deflector fo KJ.


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Hello guys long time Akorn user. Just bought a close out Classic 1 yesterday from Lowe’s. Not a fan of the half moon deflectors. Anyone using something as an alternative? Am aware a pizza pan will do but this place has always had guys with great ideas so am curious if anyone else has come up with a different approach.

thanks in advance.

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I thought the same thing when I first got my joe classic. Give it some time and I think you will come to prefer the half moons. They’re easy to lift out with the divide and conquer rack, and the ability to have dual heat zones because of the split deflectors is what makes Kamado Joes so great. I recently picked up a joe jr and I’m honestly disappointed it doesn’t have half moon deflectors. 

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On 10/1/2021 at 9:56 PM, gemstatejake said:

Full moon would be better. Half moon sorta a pita.

I used to use a Broil King Keg before getting a Kamado Joe. BKK heat deflector was a pan (probably still is now). I purchased a round stone from axner kiln shelves. I have a KJ II now.


It worked well, it is heavy, and absorbs heat. However, it was awkward to use. I cannot do two zone cooking, or when reverse searing steaks, handling a hot heavy round stone was not ideal. Especially if the stone is placed in the lower position, not on the x-ring.


Take a look at Smoking Dad BBQ Youtube channel. He has a method to heat up the cooker, with the heat deflectors in a pizza configuration. His method works well, and unfortunately it may not work as well with a round deflector.


I discover that half moons are much more versatile. I do recommend having a pair of high heat gloves. It makes handling hot deflectors much easier.


If it is a matter of preference, you may look for round cordierite shelves from axner.com.



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