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Inherited a very old KJ classic, what to upgrade first?


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Just got a really old KJ with a cracked firebox, looks to be one of the very early models, thankfully masterbuilt agreed to send me a new multi piece one when back in stock. Was going to replace the gasket as well since the felt looks really rough. Was also thinking about going to a Kontrol tower top since the daisy wheel looks pretty rusted. 


Some questions:

Felt gasket or mesh? the mesh looks pretty tricky to install and will likely require lid adjustment, is there a meaningful benefit?

Kontrol top - i've read reports of them falling off, do i need new felt as well to ensure snug fit?


Any other must do upgrades?

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The original style gaskets will last a really long time if you don't drip food and sauce on them.  Personally I'd stick with those.  If you decide to go with the new gasket, I would recommend doing it ONLY on the BOTTOM ceramic and keep the frelt on the top.  That will minimize or maybe even do away with the need for a dome adjustment.  I would disassemble the daisywheel top, brush it down with a wire brush and get all the rust off that you can.  Maybe even use some steel wool after you brush it down.  Then re-season it by spraying it down with cooking spray, wiping all of it off that you can get off, and put it in a 500 degree oven for an hour.  Do that 4 or 5 times.  Put it back together and it should be good to go.  


I'd get a charcoal basket as well...

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10 hours ago, baltik said:

Thanks John! Is the daisy wheel superior to the new style vent? Doesn’t rain a ton where I’m at but seems like a better design?

I have the daisy wheel on my KJ and have not had any problems with it, including grilling in the rain. I never had any water get into the grill and ruin the food that I was cooking.

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