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Where can I buy brisket in New Jersey?


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I have really enjoyed smoking ribs and pulled pork and now would like to try smoking brisket.


The Costco, BJs and Sams Club near me (northern New Jersey) do not have brisket. All I find is a few butchers that sell it for $14+ per pound which seems obscene.


Anyone in NJ have any ideas on where to buy?

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Our area Kroger also sells them at about that price, which I consider ridiculous for that grade of beef even at pandemic, supply chain shortage pricing. But as mentioned, when enough people refuse to buy at that pricing, eventually they cut the price to the $2.99 - $3.49 range, which of course, they should have been in the first place.


Anyway, I seem to remember some NJers referring to BJ's as a place to get brisket, no?

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