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Best controller for Akorn?

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Is there a consensus on the best controller for the Akorn? I've got a Tip Top Temp that I use regularly and it seems to do a decent job, but I'm still not super confident to leave it unattended all day or overnight.  I've had the fire snuff out on me before with it.  The idea of a wifi/bluetooth set and forget it controller is appealing, but I know some of them cost as much as the Akorn itself. Some of the searching I've done on here seems to indicate the controllers are still finicky on the Akorn and require some babysitting or at east a decent learning curve. So I'm curious if there is a controller that is pretty simple and effective?

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On 12/19/2021 at 12:42 AM, Johnnie5 said:

Smartfire now is good although the early one gave me a lot of grief 

I see that the new version of the Smartfire is supposed to work with the Meater probe.  That's really interesting for me, with a rotisserie.  Anyone tried using those together?  Also, any other brands with that ability (now - hopefully others would pick up on this idea)

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I have the fireboard 2 drive and fan and posted a couple pics of what I came up with to get the fan to mount here:


I have found that keeping the bottom opening a little constricted, along with having the top vent opened only slightly allows it to maintain lower temps.  You want the draft when the fan is off to gently lower the temp so the fan can turn on when necessary to raise the temp (pretty simple concept I'd say). I also read a post from John saying that keeping the top vent open a little more than what I have done so far will produce better smoke flow, so I am thinking my bottom vent needs to be constricted further.  That may mean that I need to seal the fan tighter against channel and mount it further to the left or add a plate of some kind to the right of the fan so the Akorn damper handle doesn't prevent me from adjusting the fan damper as it does now.  As I work through it, I'll keep posting what I've found.



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Sorry to be a "late comer" to the party, but I was just perusing the threads and saw this one. I have used the BBQube Tempmaster Pro (discontinued) on both my Akorn and Akorn Jr..  I have found that during every cook I have done with this temp controller that once the target temp was established, it was never more that +-2 degrees the entire cook. The control algorithm they use is spot on and helped me make spectacular cooks. The unit is compact, even more now so with the replacement Tempmaster Portable controller, wi-fi/bluetooth compatible and very diverse with multiple functions. It was also affordable. Just my 2 cents.

Here is their website: https://bbqube.us/



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