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You say cowboy, I say cattlemans, lets call the whole thing......


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Off.  No way. Went straight in my belly!

Thought Id splurge on a 1kg black angus cattlemans for my birthday.  Was so worth it.


Kept it simple, a rub of salt, pepper and garlic. On the kj at about 180c. Was on for about 30 minutes before I pulled it off for resting. Was 56c IT.


Then opened up the vents while it rested.  Seared for a couple of minutes either side.


Served it up with a homemade bernaise sauce, crispy potatoes and a rocket salad.







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Very nice indeed. That is definitely my kind of steak cook and  I love to sit down to plate that looks like yours does.  You know in reality,  we begin  eating  with our eyes even before we put the first bite in our mouths. Fine Job, Sir. Well done. Love the cutting board as well. What kind of wood is that?

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9 hours ago, keeperovdeflame said:

 Fine Job, Sir. Well done. Love the cutting board as well. What kind of wood is that?

Thank you.  Nothing better than a quality rib eye!


The chopping board is camphor laurel. Not sure what the ends are, all though its probably the same and been stained.  It used to have a really beautiful smell which has faded over the years

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On 10/27/2021 at 12:17 AM, len440 said:

Great looking steak and meal except for the sauce. But that is just a personal preference. If I ever get down under I will be looking for you, to have dinner with. Good job Nn   

Always welcome

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On 10/30/2021 at 11:00 AM, TKOBBQ said:

That looks great, I'd like to know more about those potatoes. 

Sorry haven't been on for a but and only just saw this. 


I cheat with the potatoes a bit. Par boil then and then let them dry out.  Heat up a cast iron skillet with a load of oil in on the stove.  Pop in the potatoes toss them around and then put it into a hot oven @200c for about 40 minutes. Flipping half way through. At the flip I tend to put a spatulor on and squash them a bit.


For an extra rich dish can use duck fat instead of oil.  I sometimes put in garlic or rosemary. Thymes another one too.

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