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DIY Kamado pumpkin (aka PumpkinJoe) how to step by step for halloween

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Here is how to make a DIY Pumpkin Kamado. This is my test pumpkin Kamado ahead of Halloween this weekend where the game plan is to do something like pumpkin seeds as a treat for guests 
1) Split the pumpkin into 1/3 dome, 2/3 base to allow space for charcoal, air gaps, cooking grids etc. and hollow out the pumpkin
2) I didn't find a shape that would accept the charcoal basket so I used the OEM KJ Jr charcoal plate propped up on two crushed pop cans to keep the hot coals off the flesh of the pumpkin.  The minimax fire grate is about the same size
3) cut out draft door cubes. I did three, two I put back with toothpicks so that I could adjust how much air was available since we don't have a sliding door option
4) For the dome, you can do the same as the base and leave the stem as a handle to open the dome which makes it easier, or you can trace the daisy wheel and cut it out. The daisy looked more like a Kamado style grill so I chose that option
5) install a temp gauge and cooking grid after adding some small pieces of charcoal onto the grate below. Light it up and let it come to temp.


Everything you need to know is above, but for more detail on the build and how it cooked enclosed is the supporting video i released today on YouTube - https://youtu.be/txQ4yQOrvg4

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2 hours ago, keeperovdeflame said:

That's quite unique, however before I would buy one

I would want to check the warranty on the pumpkin case and dome:rofl:

I am sure your guests will intrigued and amazed, as well. 

hahaha warranty expires in about a week lol 

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