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Chicago steak company ribeyes

Andy B

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I got a gift certificate for my birthday for the Chicago steak company. I was skeptical of the legitimacy of the company after seeing their website claiming to sell Kobe flat iron steaks. I ordered a dozen wagyu burgers, which were great although way overpriced, and two 8 oz premium angus ribeyes. The steaks were an astonishing $89 a pound so I was expecting a lot. The shipping was good and everything was still frozen solid when I arrived. 04D50EDB-9FBC-42D1-95F8-6A519D40552F.thumb.jpeg.303abbe9bfa9f39975618331ad0cc0e5.jpeg


They did not look great when I thawed them and one of them as pretty brown. I seasoned them with just salt and pepper to be able to really judge the quality of the meat. C18CDFCE-A43D-4362-AB0C-FF9298EF7C9C.thumb.jpeg.39a980ab823d9b47a944b0de0040a333.jpeg


I threw them on the joe jr at about 700 degrees as they were pretty thin and didn’t want to over cook them too bad. A99018C6-81F2-4CC4-B0C8-0BA824A12AF2.thumb.jpeg.1127e4dee546ec525b052b0dc053efa9.jpeg


So I have to say I’m pretty disappointed. They were delicious don’t get me wrong. But it was not any better than a good hand picked steak from your local grocery store for under $20 a pound. I would have been absolutely livid if I hadn’t bought them with a gift card. At $89 a pound you may as well spend a little more and get imported wagyu. Or run to your local butcher that sells usda prime and pick some up for a quarter to half the price of these. 


So my point is that if you run across these guys and think you’re going to spoil yourself or someone you may give them to as a gift, don’t. There are plenty of other online butchers out there that sell better quality beef at much more reasonable prices. This company is nothing but fancy advertising and hype. 

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I had a similar experience with Omaha Steaks. My boss would send me a gift package every Christmas. Their steaks, burgers, potatoes, etc. were bad. At least your steaks were delicious. I’ve been skeptical of online butchers ever since, but have gotten some good recommendation from this site, which I may give a try at some point.

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I quit ordering steak from Kansas City. Inconsistent size. Ship all thin, or all thick, not mixed. I hate thin steaks. Ridiculous price, better off at the grocery store. Christmas gift from Omaha, not much better. Usually filet which is passable. 

I ordered short ribs from Wild Fork, They were great. I would try another cut. Porter is ok from what I read, but usually they are out of every cut I might want.


GF ordered rastelli filet from qvc. Small filets. The price was not much more than the current price at the grocery, so we will see.


When I calculate the price per pound for mail order, whether it’s steaks or ham, it’s always way more than a local vendor.  I do send some friends ham / pork regularly for Christmas, kind of a tradition. 

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I have ordered steaks from Omaha and they were really bad..  they don’t even tell you what grade they are selling. I’m a grill master and I was surprised by the post. I have ordered thick cut 20oz prime ribeyes steaks for a party at my Marina in Washington DC from Chicago Steak and those babies did not disappoint.  See pics.     Got so many compliments.   I signed up to their newsletter and they have a lot of deals and discounts.  I imagine the cooler dry ice and huge shipping costs cause price to be higher.  But you get what you pay for.  Kind do Outback vs.  Morton’s or Delmonico’s in Vegas.  So that is why I bought from them because of the discounts they email out.  It seems like you bought a smaller ounce steak.     Most grocery stores don’t age steaks.  That aging makes all the difference.  Also when you buy from reputable online butcher (not Omaha or KC) they cryovac their steaks that sucks all the oxygen out and can turn the color to an off red.  Let them sit out and they will bloom after oxygen returns.  That’s an aged steak for you.  Never salt a steak until your just about to put the steak on the grill it pulls the blood to the surface and makes it tough.    No better way to go than aged beef and hard to find at local butchers and never at your local grocery store.  Furthermore beef has gone up 17% from last year to this year.  Did you know a steak you get from - large chain like outback the juices are artificially put there.  I’m just saying some of those online butchers are worth it.  I have had luck with lobel’s in NYC too.  Allen Brothers was good until they sold.   




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Thomas, I’m not saying they were bad they were actually quite good. I just don’t understand why the price is so astronomical for a steak you could get anywhere else. I’m sure they do have good sales and discounts, but even at half price they are still charging double what you should pay. I buy from several different small time butchers that sell wagyu for less than they charge. 41B9B2BF-0A41-4E3E-8844-CF65E7F6D02A.thumb.jpeg.e03a147fc2b939dbbcc474351533ac6d.jpeg


For example, here is a wagyu outside skirt steak I picked up from a butcher in Cleveland called Mister Brisket. I wanna say I paid around $25 a pound for this last year. It’s a great operation they run there and they ship all over the country. I encourage anyone reading this to look them up. 



And then there’s Sam’s club. They currently charge about $18 a pound for ridiculously good steaks. 


I can even get A4 Japanese wagyu from a local butcher for around $100 a pound if I really want to splurge. I just can’t in good conscience recommend anyone buy steaks from the Chicago steak company when there are so many other options to buy better quality meat for a fraction of the price. 

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Andy the photo you have above..  for Sam’s Club Prime ribeyes at 13.48 per pound in 2019.  Today that same price is 19.98 per pound.  See photo.   That’s a 48% increase.  Why is beef so high?   In part Covid.   There are so many articles about beef prices going through the roof.  My local grocer ran out of beef and I was glad to buy it online.  https://amp.realagriculture.com/2021/10/beef-market-update-fall-run-sees-lowest-price-on-slaughter-cows-since-2010/


Google about beef prices and the prime market in general and you will see.  Ask your butcher how much beef prices have gone up.  Costco and Sam’s have USDA prime but they are not aged for 4 weeks like the real old world butchers.  That aging process allows the connective tissue to break down.  Which makes the steak very tender.   Thanks but no thanks I will stick with the experts.  Not until club discount steaks. Don’t buy grocery steaks unless I have no choice. 

As far as skirt steak it’s a very inexpensive cut..  not sure it’s fair to compare to a prime ribeye.   I checked out Mr. Brisket.  Looks good.  But keep in mind the Wagyu you are referring to is American Wagyu.  Which is actually a lower marble score than Australian Wagyu which is closer to Kobe in Japan, American Wagyu is breaded with angus which it’s not 100% Wagyu. So between the skirt steak (inexpensive) I can see why the price is what it is.  While I was on the site I checked out a Prime Ribeye Roast which is about 64oz.  The price is $180. That is 45 per pound..  so. I really believe you get what you pay for when you buy highend steaks.  The grocery store description needs to say prime and aged.  If it’s not aged well then that will cause price to go down and that’s how Sam’s and Costco sell for less.  Actually I was just on the Costco website and looks like they sell Chicago Steak Company.  Hope everyone enjoys all the info between me and Andy.   Good eating everyone.  



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