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Nothing beats steak...


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Anyone here familiar with Moulard duck? Supposedly more “steak-like” than Pekin duck, which is the most widely available duck in the U.S. I love duck and am intrigued. It’s not overly expensive.


Moulard Duck Breast is the perfect steak substitute. In the culinary world, Moulard Duck Breast is affectionately referred to as “duck steak.” It’s a more forgiving, richer tasting, easy-to-cook duck breast than what people are used to. With Moulard Duck Breast, a tender and juicy result is easily achieved through searing, grilling, roasting, or smoking. This ease-of-use and enhanced flavor are what seperates it from the breast meat of other duck breeds, which may require marinades or are vulnerable to drying out during the cooking process. In short, the Moulard Duck Breast’s cooking ease combined with its unique size, texture, and flavor make it a perfect substitute for steak.

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Last night, I cooked and smoked a pork loin with delicious success.  (When they're on their last days, the grocery store will practically give them away ...)  I salted the meat for several hours, seasoning it both with a salt-based barbeque rub and – of all things – poultry seasoning.  Take the oven temperature to about 300ºF so that the foil-wrapped bundle of hickory smoke chips do their thing, then simply wait until the thermometer tells you that the meat temperature has hit the mark.  Take it off, "tent" it for about half an hour under aluminum foil while it "coasts" up another 10 degrees, and enjoy!  Full of juice and flavor.  And, best of all, there's never any question what the final outcome will be.


Yeah, "steak is great," but there are so many other delicious meats in that refrigerator case.  And Kamado can do justice to them all.

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