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Getting there... Grillplatz is a work in progress


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When I moved back from Germany to Virginia in August of 2020, I knew I wanted to build a new grilling space (Grillplatz in German) in the back yard of our new home. I started out getting unpacked and it wasn't much.


Next, had to get a fence to contain the animals and the outdoor furniture that was beginning to arrive from overseas.2.thumb.jpg.18d603108a36c4884f65eefc7b67e402.jpg

Score! Got a great deal on a slightly used (4x) Kamado Joe . At least one member on this forum busted on me about my hardstand lol3.thumb.jpg.a068d2221120b5f8734036689c9ba2e3.jpg

Next, gotta get some overhead cover to protect the equipment and the cook!



Okay, so now we are going to do something about the hardstand, because I had plenty of mud when I was in the Army hahaha. The crew excavated and my daughter, her boyfriend, my buddy, and I did the pavers. Turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.



Some of these pictures are sideways, don't know what I can do about that. So first meal looks a little crowded but that's because we have 7 people eating at a 4 person table. A low sitting wall and fire pit are going on the other side after I build a table for the Joe and possibly a small bar. We are getting there.10.thumb.jpg.c01dd411c3e3faf1bea82b7c249947f8.jpg

And, I am really enjoying the views from my kitchen. I hope you enjoyed this.11.thumb.jpg.2e271aa6b6b54d24213965c550038e6d.jpg14.thumb.jpg.359d32635cd413d880f3b48f9adbf443.jpg13.thumb.jpg.194a35851c4b3e7d794bfed5e39c3df5.jpg12.thumb.jpg.0d6ffb5a2ebf6b764825af05725b8427.jpg



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54 minutes ago, John Setzler said:

Looks awesome... The grilling space is my happy place here at the Man Cave...

John, indeed. When I was teleworking, the flexibility of being able to take a break to visit the grilling space and get the fire going while working was the best.

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9 hours ago, GrillnBrew said:

Great setup!  Where did you get the gazebo? I'm looking to do something similar to house my five grills.



We tried to get it from Wayfair: https://www.wayfair.com/outdoor/pdp/sunjoy-13-ft-w-x-13-ft-d-solid-wood-patio-gazebo-lkjp2861.html?piid=46321565


But 6 months in, after the delivery date kept getting pushed back, and poor communication and response to our inquiries, we finally cancelled and ordered it through Lowes: https://www.lowes.com/pd/Sunjoy-Natural-Wood-Finish-Wood-Octagon-Gazebo-Exterior-12-ft-x-12-ft-Foundation-13-ft-x-13-ft/1002665232


Lowes told me it would be delivered in 3 days; I got my veterans' discount and 2 days later it was in my driveway. Mine is 13'x13' but there is a wide range of different sizes. Here's hoping you have better luck than I did.


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Based on my experience, I would advise against buying a product with a Sunbrella fabric top, even under Costco's lenient return policy.   One panel of ours tore out at the seam during a wind storm, after only 3 years of use, still under warranty.  Costco referred us to Sunbrella customer service who advised that "We warrant the fabric, not the stitching".  As ridiculous as that sounds, they stuck with that position and refused to honor the warranty.  Costco was no help at all.

So, I suggest you stick with the hard top, and make sure the manufacturer stands behind its warranty.  These items, even the metal tops with vents, can be damaged by wind more easily than you would think.

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