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Scratch - black bean tempeh grilled tacos

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Mrs philpom pulled together our first successful home batch of Tempeh, Black Bean Tempeh instead of soy.  It was done in the instant pot on the low yogurt setting and took 48 hours for the mold to mature and bond the beans in to a sturdy loaf.




Next up was to slice and pasteurize it with steam.  Then it was ready to marinate in a mixture of lime juice, soy sauce, EVO, chili powder, oregano, garlic, groud cloves and adobo sauce for a few hours.





This was then grilled on a medium hot grill (~350f) for about 6 minutes total.  The tacos were served on homemade flatbread and garnished with red onion, radishes and cilantro all from the garden. 






The flat bread was flour, salt, baking powder and yogurt cooked in a hot dry skillet.


Now here is where it get's crazy (as if eating molded black beans instead of meat isn't weird enough).  We have one of those fresh food delivery services and on our last delivery they included - without us asking - some vegan fermented pepper jack "cheese" shreds.  Those of you that know me, I am full carnivore but we have open minds when it comes to food so for the full effect we topped our tacos with some of these "cheese" shreds.  Overall it was a tasty meal and we will continue to experiment with tempeh for the protein rich variety it offers for our diet.  I encourage everyone to step outside the box and try new things!  

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From one who no longer eats red meat, I appreciate your taking the time and effort to make this dish and the excellent photos in the post.  What a labor of love.  It looks delicious.  Great job!!



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21 hours ago, jark87 said:

I love seeing vegetarian/vegan dishes on the grill! Our son, daughter-in-law and grandson are vegetarian and I’m always looking for something to grill when they visit. 

Making it from scratch was a fun learning experience and a skill but you can buy it already made and ready to cook.  Surprise them at the next family cook out.  You can find tons of recipe ideas and tempeh is extremely bbq friendly. 

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14 minutes ago, philpom said:

Surprise them at the next family cook out.


*SURPRISE* Look how much leftover food there is!! 


Sorry...couldn't resist.  Every time I've ever cooked more vegetarian dishes where main proteins are being replaced, most of the time the results are sketchy or leave me wanting the "real" thing.  We try to eat as many veggies as possible and have greatly reduced the amount of meat we eat and opt for more vegetarian side dishes, but I find a lot of vegetarian mains are somewhat an acquired taste TBH....i.e. you go vegetarian/vegan you "learn" to like them.  We have friends that are vegan and have gone out with them a few times for dinner, and sorry, but the food they are raving about is something I find less than appealing.  The food they cook at home I find....well, let's say I eat lots of salad so I don't have to fill my plate too much.  I do love many Indian dishes that are vegetarian. 


Whining over...I will be looking for some bean tempeh to try based on your post.

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On 11/10/2021 at 9:29 AM, SmallBBQr said:

SURPRISE* Look how much leftover food there is!! 

Too funny. But not with my vegetarian kids. They love the stuff. And they’ve been doing it so long that they aren’t trying to replace any meat flavors. They’re just looking to enjoy the foods they eat. My daughter-in-law always seemed be trying to “replace”foods for us when we visited, and I agree, it always missed the mark by a long shot. We finally told her not to worry about trying to serve use vegetarian “beef” or “chicken” and just prepare whatever she normally cooked. She makes some fantastic dishes and I’ve come to really appreciate them. But I don’t see myself ever giving up meat. :-)

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1 hour ago, King19 said:

Instapot  nasty bean tacos


Am I on the correct forum?

Not cool, @King19.  If that is the way you speak of other member's cooks, maybe you are not on the correct forum.




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