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Lamb Chops on the Weber Summit

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Well, folks, I planned this cook about a week ago when I bought some really fat thick lamb chops at Cost Co. I had actually seen the lamb chops in 6 packs for years but never tried them. I dreamed up a gourmet cook on my Egg and that was my original plan for today. However, we just did a ton of errands today, after a light breakfast and nothing else during the day, both my wife and I were just tired and hungry and wanted something good; but quicker than establishing a fire in the Egg, and enjoying the Zen of kamado cooking. So as the title suggests, I did my gourmet cook on the gasser. 


Cost Co's lamb chops are really thick little gems. Actually they look like a fillet with a T bone. I slathered them in good olive oil, and used a rub with Garlic, Kosher Salt, Rosemary and Thyme with some lemon zest. 




I smoked them over pecan wood chips at 400 for 15 minutes. I stood them on the boney plate directly on the grate off the direct flame.


I finished them in a cast iron pan with some olive oil

I sautéed some mushrooms, green onions, and tomatoes in the same pan before I cooked the chops. My wife added the mix to what we call cheesy rice. 



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It was an interesting day with what looks some weather coming in. 


Got a fleece on but still in shorts.


Came out looking like this and tasted great. I pulled it at 120 and it came out a perfect medium rare and had the same flavor as a leg of lamb with the texture of a steak. 

Really fun cook, with a great result. I am looking forward to cooking it on the Egg. 


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11 hours ago, 1MoreFord said:

Looks great!


I'd like to have the cheesy rice recipe if you're willing to share.


Well, Sir: I will tell you, but warn you,  it is an extremely complicated process and a secret family recipe that my wife guards with gusto.  First you go to your local market, and then you buy a box of creamy four cheese Rice A Roni. Then you sauté up some additional  fresh ingredients in good olive oil along with herbs and such  to compliment what ever you are cooking. With steak we like a blend of gourmet mushrooms with green onions. With lamb we like sautéed fresh tomatoes or sun dried tomatoes, with onion, and mushrooms. We also like sliced pitted dates with green onion, and chopped pitted kalmata and Castelvetrano olives. Any of the Main Street herbs work well, just add to taste.  You just follow the directions on the box and when completed stir in what ever you are adding for flavor. The result actually tastes home made and  is extremely flavorful. I have added all kinds of flavors, brisket, bacon, clams, shrimp, scallops, roasted Brussels sprouts, roasted chicken liver or giblets,   garlic, olives, peppers,  pretty much any thing you think will enhance the flavor of what's on your grill. Another easy home made tasting dish is Lundberg traditional Italian risotto, we like the  garlic primavera using the same sautéd ingredients. We have served both the cheesey rice and the risotto to a number of  foody friends who rave about the flavor and texture  and demand the secret family recipe and how we got the risotto to come out so perfect. I have even mixed the leftovers into scrambled eggs also with rave reviews. You don't have to work hard to make it taste great. :lol:

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Thank you so very much.  Let me reciprocate.


I do something similar that I call cheesy corn.


Take a can or more of whole kernel corn drained and a can or so of cream style corn to make a mixture consistency that you like.  Then add some Velveeta and/or other meltable cheeses and then microwave or cook in a double boiler until it's hot and the cheese is melted.  Alternately use Rotel cheese dip instead of the Velveeta only.  Of course season it to taste.


It's easily scalable.


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