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Alternate Probes for ThermoWorks Signals?


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Does anyone know of any temperature probes which can be used with the ThermoWorks Signals system, other than the Thermoworks brand probes?  ThermoWorks charges $19 each for theirs.  And I don't know that they are any better in any way than those made by other companies which are a fraction of the price.  Would also prefer to get a set of probes which have spools with them.

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I ruined a probe while carelessly using it on my gasser.  A big flare up must have cooked the cable.


I got a pair of what is labeled 'replacement probes' via Amazon for less than half the price of the Thermoworks branded item.  There was no indication of them being OEM parts so seem to be a Chinese knock-off.

They look the same and work just as well as the originals.

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ThermoWorks products are expensive.

In terms of getting what you pay for, TW products IMO are the Gold Standard.

Their CS is great.


Using alternate stuff from AMZ probably will work, I have done just that with other products.  I submit you buy 2 each. That covers a failure at the wrong time.


I looked at the spools I think they will be too big. Maybe TW will refine the product a bit.

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