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Cooking 2 turkeys at same time


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Hello all,


I got about 20 people coming over for thanksgiving. Plan is to do 2 separate turkeys on my the Big Joe III. I have already verified it will fit, with some extra room, but I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this - that is, doing 2 birds at the same time. Do I need to allocate more time? I'm planning on cooking at 325. I'll brine each beforehand for 24 hours.


I've done turkeys before, but never 2 at the same time on the same smoker.


Any thoughts and insight would be super helpful! And I'll share some pics on how it goes one way or another.

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:welcome: McKellBBQ.  While I've never done 2 turkeys on my Primo XL, I have done 2 large whole chickens and found that it took longer to reach target IT than when I cook only one.  How much longer I don't remember.  I always go by IT rather that time.  Hope this helps a little.

Good luck.  Cooking for 20 is a big job. 

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Turkeys turned out great! The roasting time was the same… didn’t take longer with 2 turkeys in, which turned out okay, I just rested for a bit longer.


turkey was still tender and juicy the next day, which was wonderful! I think the brine is important, but also the butter under the skin is what does it for me. I create a compound with rosemary, salt, pepper, and minced up garlic.






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