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First Kamado - Big Joe Series I or Classic II


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Hi Kamado Brothers


First time post from the land down under guys.


Looking at pulling the trigger on a KJ in the coming week and undecided on which KJ to choose. Long term experience on both Weber Master Touch as well as a Bullet Smoker, so no issue there with charcoal cooking.


In Australia KJ's are very expensive. At the moment I have a choice of either a KJ Big Joe Series I for around $400.00 cheaper than the KJ Classic Series II. This is causing a dilemma as I don't which model to use. 


I know the question has been asked before, but any help there is appreciated out there. I know first hand that sometimes you cannot beat size, but it comes with its own trade off's.


Cheers Guys



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I’m sure there are a lot of opinions out there but here is mine. I’d go with the classic 2 over the big joe 1. The reason why I say this is because I have a classic and the only time I’ve ever wished I had a big joe is to do a whole big packer brisket. Separate the flat and point, problem solved. Another reason I say go for the classic is the heat up/cool down time. I also have a joe jr and that thing heats up twice as fast as my classic. I imagine the big joe would be considerably slower to come up to temp than the classic. The only reason I’d say to get the big joe is if you’re regularly cooking for more than 10 people. 

Another opinion of mine is the huge price difference between the classic 1 and 2 is definitely not worth it. I have classic 1 and never once have I said, “I wish this lid wasn’t so heavy”. That is the biggest difference between the two and it cost $500 more for it. The kontrol tower is like $50 if you really wanted it but the daisy wheel works just as well. 

I think you should get the classic 1 and use all the money you save to get a kick ash basket and build a proper table. That is unless you are feeding a large group on a regular basis, then go for the big joe. 

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