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Super Hard to Close Big Joe ll


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I have to put a lot of pressure on my handle to get my BJ ll to latch.  I know I can adjust the latch with an Allen wrench but here is the additional info.  When it is latched, the gaskets are really squished in the front and the rear are barely deformed.  Im actually getting smoke from around the rear.  I have 2 new gaskets installed.  Before I start loosening the latch, I just wanted to make sure that is what I should do.  Hey, don't want to complicate my problem.  I have a couple of pics if that helps in the diagnosis.  I don't know if the tilt is because of me putting so much pressure on the handle to close the lid or if the rear is out of adjustment. See how the front is squished and the rear is very relaxed.





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The latch tension is adjustable, to a small degree. It looks to me like the bands on the front have slid down a bit, like the lower band on the front sits lower on the grill than it does on the back, which would cause your problem. I would loosen the bands, re-align things, and re-tighten.

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9 hours ago, Gebo said:

Maybe I can find a video to show me how to do that. I’m agreeing with your diagnosis. Thanks a bunch!

Search "Band Adjustment Big Green Egg" on you tube 

Principle is the same 

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