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Stainless Aluminum Sideshelves


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I needed rustproof heat resistant side shelves for a beachfront location and my used kamado.


Arms - Stainless bar  1/4 x 3/4 x 18

Top- aluminum folding camp table 15x18 approx

JBweld epoxy adhesive to keep tops on folding20211119_083416.thumb.jpg.9067e2b6d3ddc6cd8780c7c410c4462e.jpg20211119_083357.thumb.jpg.e69739571a1525d42442928155a8152c.jpg20211119_083440.thumb.jpg.80f807616219dd7de89ea4b083909cc0.jpg arms. Hopefully day night temp changes summer heat won't be a problem with the two different metals. Backup assembly material is 3M vhb industrial adhesive tapes.


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