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Newbie from Reno Nevada

Reno Steve

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Greetings everyone I’m a long time griller having owned nearly everything imaginable but just picked up a KJ Jr from Walmart (half price).  I was looking at the green egg but paused given the price. This forum has been a godsend to get me started on the basics for my KJ.  I did spatchcock chicken for the first cook and the wife loved it.  For my second cook I did pulled pork sliders on warmed Hawaiian rolls and then pineapple upside down cake. Wowza a huge family hit.

I love the creative opportunities with the KJ.  The hybrid nature of a bbq and convection oven opens up a world of possibilities.  My wife despises smoke taste so this is a much better option than my Traeger (which has since been gifted to my son in law). I bought a charcoal basket and soapstone, set to arrive next week. Planning out several fun meals such as reverse sear steaks and ribs.  Thinking of creative appetizers too.   

Thanks to all for the content on this forum.  I’m happy to be here!

Quick funny story:  I read a post re: thermometer calibration and thought to check mine.  A quick dip In boiling water and it registers 202, not 212. Hmmm that seems odd for a brand new temp gauge to be off by that much. Before I adjust it, I do a quick temp check of the boiling water with my instant read thermometer and it reads the same!  Then I remember… duh! We live at 5,000’ elevation… water boils here at a lower temp!!!!

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:welcome: Reno Steve.  My KJ Jr. gets about three times as much use as my big Primo XL, especially since I most often cook for just my wife and me.  I really enjoy cooking on that little guy.


My wife is no fan of overly smokey food, especially poultry.  I discovered coconut charcoal long ago and it solved the dilemma of my preferring to cook outdoors over fire and my wife's preference for smoke-neutral flavors.


We look forward to seeing some of your cooks.

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