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Please explain the middle grate bracket


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Hey folks.

I have a WSC and it has three bracket levels for it’s grates.


I'm clear about the bottom grate. And the upper grate being for either the deflector or for kettle mode. 

What are the middle brackets for? 
I read about people using them for roasting, but I don’t seem have any grate configuration that fits the diameter…? 
Or am I missing a part? Or am I being stoopid :oops:

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The only versions of the Weber Summit Kamado that seem to have that middle grate bracket (3 grate height locations) seem to be the Aussie/NZ versions.  It also shows them in some of the online manuals, but not others.


From what I have seen, no one in Canada/US etc. have them....though we are ALL envious!!  We want them too!!  I would love to have one more level to pick from.


I do not recall the exact size of grate required, but some owners have measured and then purchased an additional aftermarket grate for that level.  As to why Weber added the different bracket for you folk...no one seems to know.



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So, I figured out why I was struggling to set up the middle tier grate…the double ring outer grate was missing. (Exactly like the top outer grate triple ring, but double only :))

I went back got the shop and got given the part from their floor model…no wait..top service!


Actually used this middle tier this morning to grill up some bacon for breakfast. Happy camper.


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I have an E6 with three tiers. I think it's awesome, I purchased this charcoal grate for it: https://killagrilla.square.site/product/17-5-round-bbq-stainless-charcoal-grill-grate-kg-7448-weber-replacement/16?cs=true&cst=custom


With the middle tier you can use a standard Slow n' Sear, and it's just a great hight for a lot of cooking. If you want to go crazy, like I did, there's a european company 'Spit on Fire' that makes a rotisserie for the Summit and the middle level charcoal grate is perfect for two charcoal baskets and a drip pan in the middle.


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