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Early Christmas Dinner

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Due to personal circumstances.. Christmas dinner came early for me and mine.. Did a 12 lb turkey here yesterday.. a balmy -15 Celsius.  Brined the bird for 18 hrs prior to adding some Country head all purpose seasoning and my own mixture of poultry spices including dry thyme / dry sage  and some good coarse pepper.  Stuffed the bird with some onions and then put on my Kamado at 400-450 degrees F for 2 and 1/2 hours.. pulled at 165 on the drumstick.. topped with some  coconut herbed scalloped potatoes  and breaded parmeson roasted cauliflower florets.. .. a nice stuffing and gravy made with drippings for the cook ended it all well.. Merry Christmas to all. Tonight -30 Celsius.. glad the cook got done early.. lol




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@ SmallBBQr Hello from 4 hours or so further northeast.. Thanks ..yes Christmas came early .. and yes the gravy as well as the rest of the dinner was awesome. Held off on my green bean casserole for this one... I'll be doing some more cooks in a few weeks and try that one... Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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41 minutes ago, Jack. said:

 Hats off to you cold weather cooks.   Here in Southern AZ, we were forced to endure temps that dipped to a chilly 76* F.

76* my goodness Jack, wer're going to have to get you a warm blankie and a safe space. It's a bit colder up here, in the 20's  in the mornings. Actually supposed to get a foot or two  of snow over Christmas Eve and Christmas.   Still T shirt / flip flop  weather for our brothers to the East and North. You guys are amazing.

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