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Classic 1 spring upgrade?


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Hi all, I got the deal of the century on a KJ classic 1, but I'm worried about dropping the lid on accident during a cook. Is there an upgrade I can do to the hinges to keep this from happening? I've read that the air lift hinge for the C 2 and 3 won't fit the C 1. Any help will be appreciated, thanks.

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Classic I owner - dropped the top once only (so far), and no damage sustained.  Wouldn't want to make a habit of it, but as long as the top and bottom are reasonably well-fitted (so the impact is not on one section) and the gasket in decent shape (to help buffer the impact), it would probably be fine.  


Didn't respond earlier as was hoping someone who has changed the gasket to the new version would chime in.


Congrats on the new grill.  Really enjoy mine.   I did get the ash basket and a Smokewares chimney, both of which I think help with ease of cooking (chimney) and cleanup (ash basket).  

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