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Fire box walls

grills gone wild

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My KJ sure doesn't fit that tight.  Without the metal fire ring, I'd have big gaps between the ceramic pieces.  Heck, they

would look like flower petals.  Is there that much "crud" holding the ceramic petals in place?

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Damn, Brother! 

You done did that right! 

I only wish I grilled that much! 

My hat is off to you! 

You might also use steel braided wire as a saw to work through the crud, pulling back and forth, once you have a little access. 

Maybe mine (CJII) is incorrect but it seems like my firebox doesn't contact the wall, if it's centered. I play hell with mine trying to close the gaps between the petals. 

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I burn mine out occasionally, either during some dedicated burn session or just by cooking pizzas.

I have only followed that up with pulling out the firebox and thoroughly cleaning out the ash once in the last year.

This thread has me paranoid about that now, and I might do that more often.

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Anyone noticed the rabbeted joints? Didn’t know that KJs fireboxes have that feature & doesn’t make sense since the panels want to fall outward.


Seems to me like the OP has packed the gap to keep the firebox in place.

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