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Reubens, the king of sandwiches


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So Im lucky enough to live next to a mate who over the lock down period has gotten into baking.  He has a sour dough starter he's been cultivating and he often drops over a loaf when he bakes.  On  the weekend he mentioned he was doing a rye loaf.  My reply was reuben party? 


So I had to cheat a bit and bought a corned beef.  Spiced it up and let it sit for about 12 hours. 


Smoked in about 7 hours.  Over to my mates place for fresh reuben sandwiches and an impromtu Xmas drink..  We may have just started a new tradition! 


I forgot to get a photo of it sliced up and added my mates dough shot. 






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6 hours ago, adm said:

My favourite sandwich of all time.


A good Cuban sandwich comes close though.

Both good, I like a good Muffuletta, but it really.depends on what I haven't eaten recently. I'll admit that I'll cheat with a jar of olive salad rather than making my own.  But on all of these, getting a good crusty bread is a big part of the final product.  


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Yup, a really good Ruben, the kind they make in old school Jewish delicatessens, would be my last meal. (yours definitely looks like one for those) Although, like has been said, a good Cuban is also a truly great sandwich. A local independent bakery makes a really legitimate Jewish  rye they call 48 hour rye, It's got that wonderful strong rye flavor. I  use it to make a sandwich with smoked salmon, red onion, with horse radish, stone ground mustard,  cream cheese, and dill 

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Cuban sandwiches arent as readily available where I am unfortunately however where I do get to buy them is at a local farmers market where there is a stall that sells them.  I can see how they would compete for the top spot

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