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What's The Deal With Kroger?

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Apparently, low priced Prime Rib Roasts and cheap Ham. I am so conflicted as to what to cook for Christmas.










I want to do the prime rib of course– never done one– need to. I have a vision of how I want to prepare it, season it, cook it. But, I'm inviting my mom by (my step dad is in icu with COVID) and I know she loves ham. Can't have her spending the day alone. Anyway, I need to make a decision on which is going in the freezer. I suspect it's the beef. :cry:



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Do both, your mom can have ham and you can cook the beef!  Ham makes wonderful leftovers and freezes very well after cooking it.  Just portion it up and you have ham for New Years day black eyed peas, split pea soup, sandwiches, mac and cheese, breakfast and more!


Sorry to hear about your step-dad, hope he gets better soon.

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Sorry to hear about your step-dad and hope he gets better real soon.

Nice score on the meat.  Why not cook both meats and, since your Mom is

alone, take some of the left overs and put together some  "to-go" meals she

can heat-and-eat. She may not wish to cook meals for herself, especially

under the circumstances, and this way she can have a good meal when she wants.

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Thanks guys, it's just more a matter of 20lbs of meat for 4 people– including myself, wife and son. There's zero possiblitiy of my wife eating the prime rib– even less since it will be cooked to medium / medium rare. And maybe I'm wrong on this but the rib roast is just a meat, I'd prefer not to reheat. If someone has had success doing that, let me know.


As @K_sqrd and @philpom mentioned, ham lends itself to leftovers and I certainly will make her a more than healthy take-home-a-sack.


They had to put him on the verntilator yesterday but, we're not giving up. Praying feverishly for him

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Thanks again everyone. @Boater, appreciate the pm you sent.


I did decide to go with the ham, and though this is a gross exaggeration, I'm going to say that I burned it up. While it was on, we were called to the hospital and donned all of the paraphernalia to enter the room. I'll resist venting about the way things were handled on the hopsital's end throughout this entire ordeal, but we were able to talk to him, sing a few Christmas hymns, express our love for him and pray with him before leaving. He passed about 11pm Christmas evening.


I am grateful, first of all, to have been there to spend the day with my mom so she did not have to exeperience any of it alone. Mostly, we are appreciative that 38 years ago to the date, he attended an early morning Christmas service and understood the Gospel for the first time. He trusted Christ as Lord and Savior. He was a changed man from that date and an extremely tense and fractured relationship between he and myself was healed. We find it so appropraite that the Lord would reward him by calling him home on Christmas as well



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