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Roast Beef for Christmas


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Here in the UK, turkey is the traditional Christmas lunch, but I like Roast Beef instead!


I got a rather nice 3Kg (6.6lb) rib roast from my butcher. I believe you lot over the pond would call it prime rib. This is expensive here, so it's a bit of a luxury, but then again it is Christmas. I salted it well with sea salt 48 hours before to give the salt time to draw moisture out of the meat and then reabsorb it back in. Then a little more salt and pepper prior to cooking it.


It went on the Kamado at 110C (230F) and took about 4 hours to reach 49.5C (121F) at which point I pulled it and left it to rest under some foil for about 90 minutes.





Perfect temperature control using the Fireboard 2. Once I pulled it, the internal temperature rose to a maximum of 56.7C (134F) to end up between rare and medium rare.


Then I let the Kamado gain temperature until it hit around 425C (800F) and then gave the meat 8 minutes to sear it off.






Served of course with the traditional British accompaniment of Yorkshire Puddings, roast potatoes, horseradish and the rest of the trimmings...






Damn, it was good! And we still have enough left for roast beef sandwiches later today.

Happy belated Christmas everyone!

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