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Whole Duck on Joetisserie. Help please.

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16 minutes ago, daninpd said:

I did one on the Joe- no rotisserie, it took a little under 2 hours at 325.  I scored the skin to drain off more fat.



Hey Daninpd, Great Cook: You might find this interesting:  I have  cooked both  duck and goose, both of which have an immense amount of fat under the skin. Years and Years ago an Old School Home Econ teacher gave me a tip. Pierce the outer skin with a sharp fork, then immerse in boiling water for 10 to 15  minutes. Pretty much, reduces most  of the  fat under the skin,  but still keeps enough to flavor the bird. 

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I have a old Julia Child recipe for Steam Roasted Goose.  She pierced the skin and then steamed it for 45 minutes before roasting it.  You wind up with 1 -1/2 cups of goose fat (which makes great potatoes).  In that recipe she stuffs the goose with prunes stuffed with foie gras pate. 

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