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First Tri-tip


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Prolly shouldn't post this here as there was no grill involved and, even worse, no pics taken but just had to share. Anyway, about a week and half ago I was thinking about what to have for Christmas dinner when I got the bright idea to cook this 4.5 lb tri-tip I had picked up from Sam's awhile ago:




Unfortunately, I had just finished thawing it out and wasn't sure if it would keep for another 10 days. After a little research and the fact it was cryovac wrapped, I decided to break a couple of my rules:


1. Re-freezing meat after it was thawed.

2. Serving a dish to guests that I had never even tasted before, let alone cooked myself.


I knew the meat would be perfectly safe to eat but wasn't sure if it would affect taste or texture.  Despite concerns I threw it back in the freezer and pulled it a few days later to thaw back out in fridge. Christmas morning I unpackaged and set out on the counter to dry a little and get up to room temp. My plan was to reverse sear this thing in the oven at 235F and then finish on the grill.  Didn't get the grill fired up in time so once meat hit an internal temp of 120F I threw onto a smoking hot CI pan with a couple tablespoons of butter. After a good sear the meat hit 131 and left to rest. 20 minutes later I sliced thick slices against the grain to see it vary from medium on the ends and a deep red medium rare in the middle. And, man, was it awesome - great flavor, juicy, and melt in your mouth tender that my family and guests raved about!  And this wasn't even a prime cut, just choice. Why have I never tried this before?! 


I've certainly read about tri-tip but I just isn't see around these parts much and I really didn't know much about it. But this was easily in my top 5 steak or roast meals ever and was unanimously voted the Christmas meal of choice from here out even with the less than perfect prep and technique.  And at less than $8/lb even with today's prices, I'll definitely be on the lookout the next time I go shopping. The rub was a little heavy for our taste so looking forwarded to trying my own rub and actually using the grill next time (and taking some pics).


If you've never had before I highly recommend giving it a try.



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That sounds wonderful! I have never cooked a tri-tip either. 

If it was that good in the oven it would be bombers off of the kamado! 

We have both been missing out! I have figured out short ribs so I imagine this should be doable. I always looked at tri-tip like brisket, one of the holy grails of smoking that I need not get concerned about. Butt it is time! Thanks for the inspiration! 

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This thang's great! 

So tender! 

I watched a video on cutting the tri-tip against the grain. The Warden is happy! Drop the mic! 

Of course mine did not look exactly like the traditional tri-tip but I figured it out. 

Willys1, again, major thanks for the inspiration! I might never have tried-tip (sorry) without your thread. 




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 Looks great. Tri Tip is truly my favorite steak cut. Truly famous on Central Coast and Northern Calif. Originated and became popular in Santa Maria Calif in the 1950's. Before that the cut was pretty much considered stew meat. Original prep is to cook it like a steak with coarse kosher salt, cracked pepper, chopped garlic, and parsley. Of utmost importance is how you slice it, because even though it is one cut of meat, the grain runs in two different directions. Slicing it across the grain will give you an amazingly tender bite, sliced with the grain, not so much. 


Here's a great video showing how to properly slice a Tri Tip. For those who don't already know this is probably the best tri tip advice out there. Makes a world of difference.



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