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A hopefully normal New Year

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Starting off traditionally. A pot of black eyed peas and sausage simmering for three hours while the cabbage is smoking on the grill and the ham is baking. Here’s hoping 2022 is better than the last two years!


Now I have to make the hard choice before heading for my recliner and the football games!









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5 minutes ago, lnarngr said:

I vote for the Johnny Walker even though I have never had Double Black! 

Good Luck! 

I haven’t either! A Christmas present. Double smokey/peaty!

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Old boy showed up at a party last Christmas with a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue. 

I was really enjoying my Dewars butt had to try a snort before it was all gone. 

I did not detect anything unusual at the first sip but shortly thereafter I realized I had some absolute nectar in my hands. Unreal! I savored every sip from that point. 

I only got the one glass, they had killed it. My goodness it was smooth! 

I am sure you're in for a treat! 

Please see about getting me on whoever gave it to you's Christmas list! 

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My buddy gave his late father a bottle of blue for his 75th. His father turned to my buddy’s son and asked if he had ever “partaken of the liquor”.  The 17yr old (of course) said, no sir.   Gramps left the party, and took the two boys into his office where they closed the door, then cracked and polished off the bottle.  His attitude?  Well, if you are going to get drunkish for the first time, it’s best to do it with dad and grandad and a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue!  Wish I knew my Grandad…

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8 hours ago, TKOBBQ said:

@dmanthat's some good looking food.  What is stuffed in the cabbage and your procedure?   

Cored the cabbage and rubbed with butter. Placed some sliced butter between some of the cabbage. Salt, pepper, garlic powder. Chopped up three sausage links and stuffed some into cored out cabbage. Put in pan uncovered with small can of chicken broth. Smoked for an hour at 300-320 to get some smoke. Then add another can of broth, break apart cabbage, add rest of sausage, cover with foil and go another 2 hours or so. 

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