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New KJ classic 1 owner


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Welcome! You’ll love your Joe - I know I love mine! I still have plenty of love for my Kettle, too, though.


Be sure to read threads on this site about the DoJoe. Seems to be one of the add-ons that is used less frequently than others and many report that you can get a great pizza on the Joe without it. Of course, I’m sure there many who love it. I don’t have one.


I haven’t tried pizza on my KJ yet, as I still use the Only Fire pizza oven add-on for my Kettle. Very well built and still works like a champ!


FYI - the video below helped shorten the Kamado learning curve for me.



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5 hours ago, BartH. said:

 I’ve got my eye on a charcoal basket and DO Jo.  

Welcome!  :welcome:

If you're looking at a basket, you may want to check out this video from @John Setzler. It explains a lot of the issues folk are having on various (other) forums with the KJ basket.   




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27 minutes ago, BartH. said:

This grill is  nothing but awesome

Yep. I got the same grill last fall, have been using it several times as often as I had been using my gasser.  Still learning, though.


You may not have mentioned it, but the items that have helped me learn, and made me a better cook, are thermometers.  An instant (or at least fast) reading thermometer to probe the meat as well as check temps, a remote reader for monitoring long cooks, and an infrared to get a better handle of just how hot that griddle is, and where are the hot and cooler spots.  

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Thanks Boater for the extra tips.  I actually picked up a meat probe with a timer.   It’s a huge help on not over or under cooking everything.  The timer helps with searing and giving each side even cooking time before moving to indirect heat.  


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