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This is what perfectly cooked pork butts look like

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2 hours ago, len440 said:

Good video and great pulled pork. It is such a great feeling when your butts can be shredded like that I could almost smell the butts. Thanks for the video John

@len440, those may have been mine.  Note my signature below…

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“ Pulled pork perfection...“


Say it again brother.  I watched the Friday Night discussion and drooled through most of it.  What a lovely piece of hardware.  Hope to be able to acquire a 2400 one of these days.  Nice work!

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I was at the butcher a couple of days ago and they had pork butt on sale. Having been inspired by your perfection, I grabbed a small 5 lb’er. Slathered it in Cholula Sweet Habanero Sauce as a binder and hit with a combo of R Butts R Smokin Cherry Habanero and Lane’s Q-Nami seasonings. Cooking at 250° with a chunk of cherry wood. (Sense a theme?) Been mopping every hour or so with an apple cider vinegar, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper mop sauce. It’s been going for 4 hours and currently sits at 150°. Hoping it will be ready for dinner without wrapping. It’s a glorious 65° day here in DFW and it’s hard to beat enjoying the weather with an easy cook! Thanks again for the inspiration @John Setzler!


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