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BGE Minimax


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So I added a new Kamado this month… A BGE Minimax to use here in Qld, Australia whilst I am awaiting for my Broil King Keg to be shipped over from Canada - We relocated back to Oz after 4 years in North America and it could be 6 months before our sea freight arrives!


Very happy so far - I considered the Kamado Joe Junior but they had no stock in town till Feb/March at the earliest, picked up this last remaining BGE Minimax from the dealer in town (still on sale from Christmas). - My smokeware cap and kick ash basket that I ordered separately from the US arrived already, but still waiting on the dealer to deliver my conveggtor diffuser which was part of the package - Supply chain issues!


With four of us in the household (two of them under 7yo) this seems to have enough capacity for most of our cooks - But still keen to have my full size keg arrive sometime this year! I think they will make a good team!!




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What’s the weight of the spatchcock chicken?


The BGE minimax looks like the perfect size for smaller cooks and cheaper to run.


I have the Kamado Joe Classic 3 but finding I’m only use half of the grill space.  Now considering the BGE Minimax or the Kamado Joe Junior to save on lump charcoal for the smaller cooks.

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@byee.. I think that chicken was around 3.5lb or more - Wasn’t huge but there was plenty of space left for a bigger one (that one was spread out!)


Super quick to get up to temp and to cool down after a cook - The keg  took many hours to cool (material and poor sealing?).. But I still want my full size Kamado for when we have guests over - Minimax will be used on weeknights when it is just the family!


I watched a lot of ‘smoking dad bbq’ clips on YouTube - He compare both the BGE MM and the Kamado Joe Jnr - yes they do have the same size cooking area… For me it came down to what was in stock!

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