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Don’t overlook the pork picnic

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I went to the food kitty to buy a butt. They had these marked down.


when I was a kid, we had a series of charcoal grills. Finally got one , a brazier with a motorized spit. That thing did not have a counter weight, so rrrr, sss, rrr, sss. Like a steady snore. Picnic was our go to for bbq. I don’t think rub even existed back then. We usually brushed on bbq sauce. Don’t remember a thermometer either. Old school, you just had to know when it was done. I don’t think we ever cooked one as long as we do today. 
This one went 13 hours, 45 minutes.


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Yes, I love to "rescue" the cuts of meat that wind up a "Manager's Special" at grocery stores. (Yes: also "Food Lion.") These cuts of meat are literally about to be thrown away (or, given to a food bank ...) because their "sell-by dates" are about to expire. (After which they are legally prohibited from selling them!)


"How little did we know," before we encountered kamado-style grills and external-reading food thermometers! :-D   (Wireless. Home Depot. About thirty bucks.)


Today, we can actually cook these "forgotten" foods with precision"We're not 'guessing' anymore."


At the time, how would we have guessed "thirteen hours?"  We simply didn't know.


Now, we are blessed with a cooking process that is "fundamentally, controllable," and(!) temperature-measuring technology that enables us to, for the very first time, exploit it.  Our grills will never be the same.

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Hey JohnnyA,  thats a wonderful choice.  

We frequently use Picnics here when Butts aren’t readily available.  We trim off any skin to allow fat to flow away.  I also have learned that this cut needs a slightly hotter temp than 225 to cook over.  Thankfully my Akorn loves 250-275 degrees.  This will help render out the excess fat that comes with the Picnic cut.  A more substantial drip pan is also required to catch the volume of drippings. Once you have that figured out, sit back and enjoy!

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50 minutes ago, JeffieBoy said:

 We trim off any skin to allow fat to flow away

That skin was like caramel. You couldn’t really chew it up, at least not with my teeth. But you could gnaw on it and get all that succulent fat.

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