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Outdoor kitchen nearing completion!


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Great looking kitchen, OP. Really impressive build - I’m sure you’ll have some great times around this in the years to come. 


I’ve had four ceramic feet under my big joe for a couple of years now and they’ve been great. Had an issue with the first set cracking but I think that might have been my clumsy mate letting the lid of the joe drop when closing it! 

Otherwise they’ve been fine, I think an inch of air space is plenty to separate the kamado from the base. Will take some temps with my IR thermometer when I next fire it up. I guess it’s the same idea as holding your hand near the body of the joe when it’s lit - if you actually make contact it’s pretty hot but move your hand just half an inch away and it’s fine - without direct contact it’s just radiant heat which is a lot less efficient than conduction. 





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12 hours ago, Boater said:

Not sure why they sell legs in sets of 3.  What about swapping, 1 at the back, 2 in front? More unstable?

I’ll give it a try. I put 2 at the back due to the instability issue, but now that I have the firebox in, that may no longer be a concern.

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