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Mexican Birria on the Kamado!

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Waisting no time catching up on Kamado cooks and being new!  Still Learning Birria but my hope was/is that 1hr meat chunks smoking (BB Texas Oak with 4 chunks of Pecan wood), searing in Wagyu Beef Tallow and the overall dutch oven cook on the Kamado will give it some extra special qualities.  Have maybe 1hr collectively lid off getting some smoke and liquid reduction (which was needed to fit but feel it helps the dish)


In process currently...


recipe called for 5lbs beef, I ended up with around 6 prolly.  3.5lb cross rib roast, 1.8lb trip tip, 4 chunks of beef short ribs.  Beef bone in bottom for broth but discarded.





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Two Birria tacos, chunk of beef short rib (simmered in the sauce all day), cilantro lime garlic rice. 


OMG sooooo good!  It's obviously a red sauce based from ancho and pasilla chiles, not spicy.  


THE SMOKE, added such an extra sweet smokiness to the meat and dish overall!!!  BB Oak Lump, 4 peices of pecan wood.  


I am wondering about smoking the meat on say 265ish for a few hrs then simmering in sauce for say 3 more.  The meat is fabulous but does have that pot roast taste characteristic.  Not bad, just different.  

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