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New to Kamado - but it's winter!


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I just got my new AKORN grill because I couldn't wait until spring! This is my first time with a Kamado grill, so I have a lot to learn.


My grill is seasoning as we speak. Because there is no meat in it I decided to dangle one of my temperature probes through the top vent (which I can get almost closed) to have a second temperature reading in addition to the thermometer on the side. The instructions say to season at 400F, and my dangling probe reads 408F. But the thermometer on the side reads about 50F cooler than the dangling probe.

Is this because it's winter? Is the thermometer losing too much heat to the external wall of the grill and reading low? I need to understand this so I can set the proper temperature for cooking when I cook in the winter.


Thanks for your help!





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Welcome Varnyeb, glad to have you and your Akron with us. I have never cooked on an Akorn, but on a ceramic kamado, it is normal for the dome thermometer and one at grate level to vary by as much as 40 to 50 degs. As the ceramic heats up and heat syncs the two temps align. Some of our folks with Akron’s can probably give you more Akorn specific info. 

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Hello from another Akorn nut, north of Lake Erie…. The walls on the Akorn are well insulated.  If you touch the outside, it should be rather warm but not ridiculously so.  This tells me that your hanging probe must be well down towards the grill surface and your dome thermometer is a foot or so apart. 

i always just open my lid and clip the probe to the cooking grate and then close the lids onto the wire. The gasket will compress a bit and seal around the wire.

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On 2/5/2022 at 12:24 PM, varneyb said:

I just got my new AKORN grill because I couldn't wait until spring!


Welcome, and certainly don't wait for spring!!  Cold and snowy here many months of the year and we rarely stop grilling.  Either that or go without...not happening for me!  About -20C is where I find the BBQ craving gets overridden by the cold.  Sometimes you just need ribs!  The Akorn will not have a problem...just heats a bit slower.


Regardless of how cold it is outside, my probe temperature right at grill level is always about 20 degrees hotter than my dome thermometer reads.  Also, the thermometer could easily be off my 10-20 degree too...


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