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Meater Sales? Ever?

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Hey all. Interested in Meater Block, and can get the 10% off for signing up, but wondering if they ever have sales like for holidays or any other reason when they might offer more of a discount?


Also on their site they say that if you buy the 2-probe block it’ll contain a code for you to purchase the other 2-probes at a later date, but it doesn’t include the price. Anyone know how much those other two block probes are? I inquired through their site but am stil awaiting a response. Thanks 

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The Meater Block is my #1 wish list item. I’d probably pull the trigger for the 10% discount, but I can’t even find that. The only thing I can find is a place where you can sign up for emails and you’ll get a “free gift”. Is the gift a 10% discount?

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