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New member from Czech republic


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Hello friends, I' m i newbie on this forum. Let me introdece myself.

Two days ago I have became a proud owner of Kamado Joe 3.

I have a family of my tree Weber kettles and I hope to increase my cooks.

I live in the Czech republic, Central Europe, I'm grilling about 30 years,

2015  I have started interesting about L&S. I like amarican BBQ, asian cousine and czech grilling as well.

I'm a bluegrass musicin too, playing guitar and mandolin.









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Welcome, Husky,  glad to have you and your'e new Joe with us. Most of here have a Weber kettle or two in our backyard cooking background. I actually played in a blue grass band when I was younger, lost a bit of finger dexterity and don't play any more. I played guitar and mandolin as well. Got into Asleep at the Wheel, just love Western swing. Your cooks are amazing looking, Enjoy your Joe and the forum conversation as well. 

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Welcome to the Guru Husky.  Looks like some tasty plates of food you been enjoying.  Thanks for sharing, looking forward to you showing us your other cooks as your KJ journey progresses.

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10 hours ago, MikeRobinson said:

Ummm ... I figure it might take me a couple hours to get there from the southeast United States.  Can I come over for dinner and a concert?  

You are wellcome...:good:

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