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Beef short rib cook

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I’m continuing to experiment with my new slo-roller so today I’m having a go at some beef short ribs. Thanks to @Smokingdadbbq for his suggestions around time/temp. 

I’ve dry brined these puppies for about 36 hours in the fridge then dusted them with Meathead Godwin’s big bad beef rub (basically, pepper, onion, garlic, chilli, mustard powders). 

they've gone in the big joe at 270° for a couple of hours and I’ve just wrapped them as they got to 170° internal with a nice bark formation. 

plan from here is to cook them wrapped for another couple of hours until they’re properly tender then rest them for a good hour or two before eating. 




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Them look great? 

My loves beef ribs! 

I have some in the fridge I don't know when I will cook, I missed my window, yesterday. 

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They were beauts! Really enjoyed them, great beefy flavour and a lovely texture. 

When I pulled them after four hours they were super tender to the probe. After a rest though they firmed up a bit so I might try them for another 30-60 minutes next time. 

Great cut of meat and a great way to cook it. 




Sides were some roast veggies - zucchini, Jerusalem artichokes, beets, parsnip and corn

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