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Hi from Cambridge UK


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Been intrigued into this style of cooking for a long time.  After much research and a premium account on YouTube, I take the plunge into a Kamado Joe this coming Monday.


Read most of the articles already, also once I get used to it can't wait to do the challenges


Happy grilling see you around

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8 hours ago, zebedee said:

also once I get used to it can't wait to do the challenges

As another new user (mine came in September), there is definitely some time getting used to it.  First lesson for me was that I could control the number of times I peeked at the food, because the thermometer showed all I needed to know.  That is, once you've cooked the dish the first time....  With direct heat for a barbeque, it's closer to a kettle grill, with indirect it's very different - needing much less fiddling.  


And there are a ton of good ideas for lots of different recipes for helping get going.  Recently did my first chicken wings, and doing a search on the site for posts related to that gave me lots of guidance on methods and what to expect.  Messed them up much less than I might have without that info.


Good luck with it all.

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On 3/12/2022 at 1:40 PM, Golf Griller said:

Welcome to the Guru @zebedee. I'm looking forward to seeing your cooks and to you entering the challenges. Here is a good reference to help you on your path to kamado grilling.



Thank you I read when the Kindle battery died.  Very informative...

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