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Hi y'all

Stuart Hill

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With a “Hi Y’all” subject line, I was expecting a fellow Texan! Glad to see our vernacular making its way across the water.


This is a great site and I’m sure you’ll love your Egg. I had cooked on just about everything except a kamado, primarily due to the price, but finally made the commitment when re-designing our outdoor kitchen, as none of my other smokers could be added as a built-in. I’ve since given my offset away and even my newly installed gasser is relegated to 2nd tier duty. I’ve found kamados incredibly versatile and easy to use, especially with their consistent heat over long periods of time - not much different from a pellet smoker in that regard, but with much better results (IMHO). And you also get high heat cooks, like pizza and restaurant-quality seared steaks, in a product that will last a lifetime!


Welcome and enjoy! I look forward to seeing some of your cooks!

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