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Pork tenderloin rolls


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I was asked about a recipe for pork tenderloin, which I published in the section "New Member from the Czech Republic"

It is really easy.

1. Make cut sirloin as a plate

2. seasonal salt, ground pepper, I used medium or provencal herbs

3. chopped homemade dry aged tomatoes, homemade prosciutto, spinach.

4. Make a roll, see picture.

5. smoked 250 ° F to IT 130 ° F, then roasted on a cast iron plate to IT 136 ° F.

6. wrapped alufoils to rest.

7. Celery chips flavored with salt, pepper, EVVO, baked in the oven for a nice color.


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12 hours ago, Husky said:

It is really easy

Says the guy with the home made prosciutto... 


I will definitely make a version of this, but I'll have to substitute store bought prosciutto and dried tomatoes, I'm afraid.  


Thanks for the recipe!  

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