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Classic Joe I upgrades


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I picked up a used 18", what I believe to be a Classic Joe I that came with a ceramic firebox, a ceramic ring, and the 18" whole grate - as depicted in the attached photos.  I'm struggling to determine through this forum and other sources if the below pieces are compatible with the one piece ceramic firebox and ceramic ring.  Meaning will the Divide & Conquer fit like a glove or will I also need to upgrade to the firebox walls and firebox base?  


  1. Divide & Conquer Flexible cooking rack
  2. Accessory rack
  3. Half moon grates


If necessary to upgrade to the firebox wall plates, I'm guessing the grill base is the same size no matter the year model, will it fit? 


Is this the original Classic Joe I?  I can't find the model # anywhere on this bad boy.  Much appreciated if you can shed some light here as well.





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Welcome, @abnexus.  That certainly looks like a KJ Classic 1, but hard to be sure without model numbers.  Fyi, I have not found any on my newer version of that same grill.


Have you tried contacting Kamado Joe Customer Service?  They would probably have the best understanding of any changes in fit over the years.  If not, then provide the inner diameter of the grill at the gasket, the diameter of the grate you have, and the height from the top of the firebox to the gasket.  From those,we can see if the D&C will fit.  


I have seen a lot of posts about how that original firebox often cracks, so you'll be wanting to check with KJ on that as well - in case you need that replacement part.  


Good luck with your search.

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if you can, check the bottom of the cooker for the serial number. might be hard to do on your own, maybe you can stack it on something high enough to slide your phone underneath and snap a few pictures

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