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Holy Camoly, looking for advice!

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My method is to heavily sea salt or kosher salt up to 24 hours prior. Allow steak to reach room temp and then smoke with pecan or post oak over the deflector @225° - 250° (the lower the better) until I reach 120°. Then I open up the vents full bore (pulling the steak off is optional, often I will just drop the grate closer to the coals) and sear it until it reaches my desired temp of medium to medium rare.

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OK cook day...  I've had this bad boy "brining" since yesterday morning




I have the KJ starting to warm up with some cherry and hickory on it.




Got my dueling cookers ready to go , my new weber will be used to cook the taters and probably sear the steak at the end..




I'll get back to you a little later with the results, heading out to put the steak on and sit in the hot tub with an adult beverage till its ready to come off.


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I am stuffed!!!

Got it on the Kamado along with an onion in foil




About 40 minutes at 275 then took it off at a temp of 117 for sear time on my new little Weber classic. Rested it for about 10 ish minutes waiting for the grill to get up to temp.






Finished product, sorry I didn't get any pics of the taters on the KJ, I did them on the extend a grill above the steak in a cast iron pan and when I took the steak of I opened up the KJ and put a crisp on them.






And time to eat!! Very yummy!!




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Oh, and I almost forgot... thanks for all  the advice ,tips, and pointers on this. This is my first attempt at a reverse sear cook on a steak and it turned out much to my liking!

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12 minutes ago, len440 said:

Done the way I like steak good job but you need a red wine perhaps a pinot? Only kidding drink what you like 

Thanks, but I am just not a wine guy, used to drink some but just lost the taste for it a few years ago... but my wife and kids make up for me thats for sure!

I'm more a Coronita, tequila, fireball, rum punch , sort of guy.

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