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Publix Prime Rib Roasts - $6.99/lb

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16 hours ago, TKOBBQ said:

Nice wish we had those around here.  Is that some dry aging I see going on in that last picture?


yea... i put the whole thing in the steak locker... gonna dry age it for 45 days...

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Got a 9# one. Made it as a whole roast. Used the ribs to make stock. Leftovers went to steak soup.


Costco needs to have some smaller meat packages such as these-if for nothing else to avoid sticker shock. Freezing, dry aging, vacuum sealing etc. aside.

Above my pay grade as to why they don’t.

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That's the way standing  rib should look. When you cook the big one please post your complete address one day prior to cooking. I'll bring a few bottles Napa's adult grape juice. 


I agree with cosco having smaller packs of meat, but fortunately I inherited a bone saw from my Dad and can make smaller ones. 

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1 hour ago, len440 said:

bone saw

Just saw this earlier this week when I was picking up some lump.  Normally $50, but on sale for $30.  If you have an Academy Sports near you, might check it out.  Makes lots of butchering easier.  


Probably not the tool I'd get if I were butchering full time, but I'm not doing that.




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