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Bourbon Maple Syrup and Hot Honey Glazed Smoked Salmon


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This is a very easy recipe, with only about 15 minutes of effort, but it takes some time due to the brining process, which is overnight. It’s worth it because the result is superb!


1 lb salmon filet (skin on or off)

Brine mixture:


1/2 cup dark brown sugar

1/4 cup kosher salt

1 tsp black pepper


Mix brine ingredients thoroughly. Place a layer of brine mixture in bottom of a shallow glass dish and place salmon on top of the brine. Pat remaining brine mixture on top and sides of the salmon flesh, covering as much as possible. Cover with plastic wrap, pressing wrap as tightly as you can around the salmon. Put the lid on the dish, or cover with another layer of plastic wrap to seal it airtight. Place in refrigerator overnight, 8-12 hours.


After brining, rinse off salmon under cold water, removing any remaining brine. Place salmon on a wire rack on a tray or small sheet pan and place in refrigerator for 2 hours. Surface of salmon will become tacky, allowing smoke to adhere.




1/4 cup Bourbon maple syrup (or regular maple syrup)

1 tbsp hot honey


Stir glaze together and coat the salmon. Smoke at 225° until internal temperature is 135°-140°, around 40-60 minutes, depending on thickness. You can add more glaze during the smoke, but if you’re using a SloRoller, it will make a mess on the top, so wrap it foil or use a drip pan, something I forgot to do.


Serve as is, on a bed of cream cheese with crackers as an appetizer, or on a salad. Enjoy!





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Great recipe!

Can you please tell me вo I need to dry the salmon after I wash off the rest of the brine? Or will the smoke not stick in this case?

Thank you

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Yes, I pat the filet dry with paper towels after rinsing the brine ingredients off. You’ll be left with a dry but tacky surface. Hope you enjoy it!

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