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Suggestions? Hilton Head Island / Blue Ridge Parkway.


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We are about to spend a week at our timeshare in HHI followed by a slow drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Our first time across the border in almost three years and we know that there will be plenty of changes since we were there last.  It will also be our first time driving up the parkway.  If you have found any good BBQ in the area I would sure appreciate your suggestions…. 

Our favourite BBQ of all was bought from a guy cooking out of a pickup truck and trailer combination at the side of the road near Bluffton about 7 years ago.  We smelled the lingering smoke, drove past his setup, did a U turn and stopped.  Picked up a 2 meat dinner for 4 with lunch leftovers for 2 at a cost of about 20 bucks.  Alas, like Brigadoon we have never happened upon him since.  We also enjoy stopping in at the “Squat & Gobble” in Bluffton amongst others.


I promise to write reviews for your approbation upon our return!


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Asheville has Buxton Hall, they do one whole hog a day, Eastern NC style, they post the hogs name and which farm it came from. Excellent but when the hog is gone, it's gone.  Also Twelve Bones, try the blueberry chipotle ribs, and all of their sides are great, plus they brew their own beer now. Woodlands just south of Blowing Rock always had good barbecue, haven't been there in a several years now that a new route to the mountains is available to me. I remember they had excellent jalapeno cornbread.  Enjoy your trip!

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@GrillnBrew  thanks for this.  We have decided to do the short(ish) frun from HHI to Asheville on Saturday and find some food and beers downtown so we will look into these suggestions.  We will all be stopping in at J.S’s (in Valdese) for an early breakfast Sunday before jumping onto to the Parkway headed north (just joking John). 

@MikeRobinson  thanks for the tip.  If need be we will do our best to outrun the 5-0…. LOL. We are in no hurry and plan on about three days to get to the north entrance.


@fotoflux  so far we have had to relearn about travelling with newborns.  Our grandson dictates the speed and timing of everything we have done thus far!  It has meant that we actually have spent much more downtime than usual and it has forced us to eat in more as well relaxing by the pool and on the porch, drinking whiskey, reading and watching golfers come past.  We will be venturing out in an hour for a brisket fix at Bullies BBQ then back to the pool for a bit before steak and pasta al fresco.


Thanks for the ideas everyone.

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Well we made it home safe and sound. Spent last Saturday evening in downtown Asheville before jumping onto the BlueRidge Parkway.  Dinner at Buxton Hall was fun, followed by drinks at Burial Beer.  My wife found all of the offerings at Buxton Hall to be too spicy for her taste so I got extras…. Our hog of the day was named “Pickle”.  

Sunday we stopped for lunch at The Switzerland.Cafe in Marion NC.  A great place ro stop with smoked trout on freshly baked croissants.  Finished up at Fancy Gap and then headed north homewards through Beckley, WV.


Appreciate the comments we received from everyone here.








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