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Not Your Mama's Frittata

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This very nontraditional frittata begins on a burner and finishes in a 400* kamado or oven.  I used my Primo XL because I cooked in a 10", long-handled pan. If you are limited for space, use a pan w/o a handle or a smaller pan. For ease of removal, as you'll see later, use a non-stick pan.  You will need:

-A non-stick sauté pan 10" x 2 1/2"-3"

-12-14 large eggs

-3/4 cup heavy cream

-2-3 fresh jalapenos, seeded and coarsely chopped

-12-14 pickled tri-color jalapenos coarsely chopped

-12-14 spicy and sweet red cherry peppers coarsely chopped

-1 large or 2 small green bell pepper(s) coarsely chopped

-2-3 large shallots coarsely chopped

-1 bunch cilantro (Chinese parsley)

-2/3 cup Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

-Couple pinches of flaked sea salt


Sauté the shallots, fresh jalapenos and fresh bell pepper in a neutral oil just until tender; about 3 minutes.  Add the remaining chopped peppers and heat for another 1-2 minutes.

In a separate bowl, combine the eggs, cream and chopped cilantro. Whisk together well, or use a hand blender on low speed.

Gently add the egg mixture into the pan and stir gently to insure all ingredients are evenly distributed and that the egg mixture has no large air pockets.  Allow the full pan to remain on medium heat just until the edges firm up and you see the center begin to simmer a little. Run a flexible spatula around the circumference of the pan to clean up the edges. Cover and remove to 400* kamado or oven. Cook just until the mixture is firm in the center.


Here comes the tricky part: when the frittata is done, using heat-proof gloves, remove from the kamado or oven.  Place a plate large enough to cover the pan entirely on top of the pan, say a little prayer, and invert/flip the frittata upside down onto the plate. If you're lucky, you'll have an intact disc of frittata, golden bottom up on the plate.  Then place the plate intended for serving on top of the upside down disc and carefully reinvert to present the top side up.  While still steaming hot, coat the top with the 2/3 cup of Thai sweet chili sauce.  Just before serving, sprinkle the top  lightly with a flaked sea salt to add that sweet/salty flavor to the glaze. Use a serrated knife to cut.


Here are some photos of the prep and the result.  Thanks for Looking and Happy Cooking.
















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Thank you, Keeper.  I've been making frittatas quite a bit lately, but almost always with the traditional ingredients.  This one was an experiment that was, to my taste, really delicious.  I agree with you, this dish can be served for breakfast, brunch, lunch or, as here, a simple dinner with a salad of Spring greens.

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Thanks, CentralTexBBQ.  It was very flavorful.  Just the right amount of piquancy from the cherry peppers and just the right amount of sweet/heat/salt from the jalapenos and glaze.  I'm sure I'll make this one again.  Right now, I've got plenty of leftovers that heat up very well in the microwave. 

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Thank you.  It really is delicious, and has become a regular on the menu here at chez Jack.  I know the pairing of sweet Thai chili sauce with eggs is unconventional, but combined with the cilantro and jalapenos it adds just the right blend of heat/sweet, and hits an unexpected, really intriguing flavor note.

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