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UK - patio covers and advice

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I have a patio outside a set of bifolds, dimensions are about 2.5 x 4 meters. 


In order to avoid the dreaded UK rain I was looking into a sensible option to add shelter to the patio so whilst I'm cooking on my Kamado I dont have to fear getting hit by rain.

Can anyone recommend anything?

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When it rains i use an umbrella and in the snow season a heavy parka.  All kidding aside I'm lucky when I built my house I added a 3 ft. overhang keeps the rain off the grill but not me. Those are some interesting patio covers, I like the clear one with the wood beams. Keep the year round grilling going. Ribs are much better when you have to wade through foot and a half of snow, to smoke them.


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@jark87  how did you anchor the roof supports for this?  Thats a lot of torque weight! I’d love to add something similar but with the amount of snow we get up here…. I might just have to settle with a visit to your place one of these days! LOL

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33 minutes ago, JeffieBoy said:

how did you anchor the roof supports for this?

All of the beams are steel. The vertical support beams are sunk 18” in concrete. Our space is an odd shape, and sits down below the foundation of the house, so there was no good way to come off the house with a cover. And I didn’t want posts in the middle of the patio supporting the roof, so we had to find a way to support the structure on only 1 side. Steel was the answer. That thing is incredibly strong. Two of the welders walked on the beams at the same time - zero flex.


You’re welcome anytime! :)

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