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Smoked some chicken

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Went a little crazy with the temperature probes :rofl:

It was interesting to watch the temps, but I ended up pulling it when the slowest cooking breast reached 160. Thighs made it to the high 170's. It was super moist and made a delicious pulled chicken sandwich. I would've shown the final product, but I got too hungry and forgot.


I've been going on a kick roughly following instructions from the Meathead book and used his Simon and Garfunkel chicken rub. Lots of green herbs, added a nice flavor through ought the chicken...






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On 4/26/2022 at 11:22 PM, MikeRobinson said:

To me, that's still the most amazing thing about "kamado" ... rock-steady temperature control, even over very long periods of "mostly unattended" (if you like ...) time.  And yet, "all powered entirely by charcoal."


"My 'smokey joe' could never, ever, do that!"   :-D

I've had a lot of different cookers over the years that couldn't do that!!

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